What is YouTube Music?

YouTube Music is YouTube’s paid streaming subscription service, offering ad-free music streaming to its users (similar to other streaming platforms). 

Just like other streaming platforms, your tracks will be streamed. With YouTube Music, the artwork of your release will be shown instead of a video.
You "monetize a play" when a YouTube Music paying subscriber listens to your tracks. You will be proportionally paid depending on how much a subscriber is paying and how long she listens to your tracks. 
The YouTube Music app is currently available in the following locations. 
Argentina El Salvador Lithuania Serbia
Australia Estonia Luxembourg Slovakia
Austria Finland Malta Slovenia
Bahrain France Mexico South Africa
Belgium Germany Netherlands South Korea
Bolivia Greece New Zealand Spain
Bosnia & Herzegovina Guatemala Nicaragua Sweden
Brazil Honduras North Macedonia Switzerland
Bulgaria Hungary Norway Turkey
Canada Iceland Oman Ukraine
Chile India Panama United Arab Emirates
Colombia Ireland Paraguay United Kingdom
Costa Rica Israel Peru United States
Croatia Italy Poland Uruguay
Cyprus Japan Portugal United States
Czech Republic Kuwait Qatar Uruguay
Denmark Latvia Romania
Dominican Republic Lebanon Russia
Ecuador Liechtenstein Saudi Arabia
If you are accessing the links from other countries, the website will display a message that the video is not available. 

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