What kind of content is NOT eligible for YouTube Content ID?

Once you have Content ID activated, you can earn revenue from videos that contain your copyrighted content.  YouTube will automatically generate claims against other user's uploaded content that is considered a match.

Remember: not all content is eligible for Content ID. 

Some examples of ineligible content:

  • Recordings containing uncleared samples
  • Recordings based on free beats or any other publicly available sound files
  • Compilations, unless you have explicit permission from all artists appearing on that compilation
  • Music that’s released under a Creative Commons license
  • Recordings exclusively made with sample libraries (such as Magix Music Maker, GarageBand)
  • Sufficiently indistinct or soundalike content (like karaoke recordings or remasters)
  • Content that may be generic enough to cause false Content ID matches

You can check Youtube's official guidelines here.

Please note that if we can't deliver your tracks to the Content ID program, we will return the paid amount in promotional credits.

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