Can I change the price of my tracks and my release?

By default we deliver all tracks in the medium tier (iTunes; $/€ 0.99 per track).
If you would like to charge more or less for your tracks, you'll need to choose the Artist Pro add-on service (free for Pro Unlimited customers). 
If you don’t want to buy the whole package you can also get this service for $/€ 10 only.
Send us an email and we will communicate the price to the platforms.
For the tracks (download platforms only), you can choose among the following options:
  • low (iTunes: $/€ 0.69 per track)
  • medium (iTunes: $/€ 0.99 per track)
  • high (iTunes: $/€ 1.29 per track)
Please note that the price of your entire release depends on the track price and the number of tracks. Additionally, the combined price must always be lower than the sum of the prices of all the individually purchased tracks.

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