My release appears under a different artist. How can I change that?

Apple Music and Spotify work with so called artist IDs. In some cases, this could lead to your release getting mixed up with already existing artist profiles. This means releases from artists with the same name (for example, John Smith) could be displayed under the same artist ID.

In order not to run into nasty surprises on release date, we would like you to tell us in advance what your artist profile URI/URL is, so we will make sure that your release is published on the right profile! In the confirmation email we send you right after receiving the payment for your release, we will include a form to fill where you can provide us with your artist URI/URL for Apple Music and Spotify.

  • What is a Spotify URI and how to find yours?

Spotify URI (Uniform Resource Indicator) is a link that you can find in the Share menu of any track, album, or Artist Profile on Spotify. When you click a link that consists of a Spotify URI (rather than an HTTP address), you're taken directly to the Spotify application, without having to go through the web page first.

To find a Spotify URI for your artist profile (considering you already published songs in there):

  • Open your Artist Profile on the Spotify desktop app
  • Click the three dots  ("...")
  • Go to the Share menu
  • Select 'Copy Spotify URI' from the second menu
If on the release date you notice that other online shops published your release on a wrong artist profile, please contact us and provide: 
  • Release name; 
  • In which shops your release appears under the wrong artist;
  • Link of the wrong artist;
  • Link of the correct artist (if you have one, otherwise we can create a new artist profile for you).

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