Who are the contributors and what roles and credits can I give on my release?

When completing your release, you'll get asked about different roles and credits. We have an "Artist details" section and a "Contributor details" section:


Artist details

Main Artist: This is the Main Artist of the song or album. That is to say, the main performer on the track.

  • Please Note: If your release has more than 3 performing artists listed on the tracks, then it must include "Various Artists" as the release's artist name. The release will be automatically displayed as a compilation in the stores. 
    • The artist name for the tracks should then list out every performing artist on each track.

Vs. and Meets roles are also considered main artists. Make sure you list the artists in the correct order in the cover artwork. 

Featured - This is the Featured Artist on the song or album. This is usually a guest performer making an appearance on the album or track. There can be 1 or many Featured Artists. Please Note: Include the featured artist on the artwork cover ONLY if it's featured in 100% of the release.

With - This is similar to the Featured Artist.

Please Note: sometimes it does not appear as a featured artist.

Producer - The producer can be different things. In most cases it is the person (or people) that oversees and manages the production of a sound recording. It can also be a co-writer. If you would like to insert the Producer information, please add it in the "contributors" section:

You can add the producer in the artwork (not mandatory though) only if it is registered in the Metadata and produced all tracks 

Please Note: If you used a beat created by a Producer, make sure to add them as a Composer in the Contributors section. Remember that most online stores don't show this information. Ex. Spotify only shows it in the song credits.

Remixed by: You can add the remixer in the "artist details" section.

The remixer can be added in the "contributor details" section as "arranger" (not mandatory). Be sure to provide the legal name.
If you are willing to distribute your release to iTunes/Apple Music, make sure to fill in the "Performers" section; you have to list the remixer in that section as "Programmer". Please provide the legal name.

If the artist themselves are the remixers, just add it to the version title, using either "Remix" or "ARTISTNAME Remix".

Please note that if you are remixing a track, you will need permission from the original artist or rights holder. Learn more on how to distribute your remix here.

Please note: Include the remixer on the artwork cover ONLY if it's featured in 100% of the release.

Presented by: This can be a Label or a Producer. In any case, it is not the main performer on the release. 


Contributor details

This is the person (or people) who wrote the song. These should be the legal name for anyone who worked on the track.

Please note that Traditional is only for music that belongs to the folk and traditional repertoire, where the authors and composers are no longer known.

You will need to distinguish between:

  • Lyricist - The person (or people) who wrote the lyrics
  • Composer - The person (or people) who wrote the music.

Please Note: You can list your artist name as a contributor ONLY if it's deposited with a collecting rights society and associated to an IPI number. In this case, make sure you enter the artist name in the artist name tab on the platform.

Other roles you can add in the Contributors section:

Arranger - Rare. This is the person that has created and written an arrangement of the composition.

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