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The Label

Your whole release catalogue distributed and available in the world.

If you’re releasing music for multiple artists, you’ll want to test out different strategies to see what works. Our label plan gives you unlimited releases for one great price so you can find the right strategy to fit each artist’s needs.

How it works

As shown on our pricing page, with our Pro Unlimited package you can release as many releases as you want in a year for the annual price of € 499*.

- During the Release Madness promotion you buy promo credits so you can get our Pro Unlimited package worth € 499*, with a 20% discount!

You’ll also receive complimentary marketing tools, including a Spotify Pre-Save page and a pre-order for each release, plus phone support from our Artist and Label Managers to answer any questions you have. And, for labels still selling only physical products, this deeply discounted version of our popular unlimited plan is a great way to release your whole catalog to all the main online stores and streaming platforms, as well as local and genre specific specialty shops to grow your artists’ fans around the world digitally.

What if it's not time for me to renew?

No problem. The credits never expire or disappear from your account. That means when it's time for you to renew, they will be available for you. You just have to buy now to get the discounted price. Also, if you change your mind, you can use these credits towards other purchases on our platform, excluding partner services.

*Please notice: 

  • you can't buy promo credits with promo credits
  • you can't combine vouchers with the promo
  • you can't purchase third party products
  • there's no affiliate discount or revenue on promo credits packages


*The Release Madness prices might vary depending on the region. Check the dashboard of your iMusician account for exact price saving in your region.

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