What is Artist Pro and how to order it?

Ever wondered how to boost your marketing strategies while saving money? We came up with the right set of tools to help you do that! Artist Pro is a full suite of professional promotional tools designed to help you have a successful new release campaign. It is included for Pro Unlimited customers.

Please note: we need at least 10 working days to set up the Artist Pro tools for your release.

Example: If you want pre-sales to start 4 weeks before release date, you will need to submit the necessary content 6 weeks prior to that date.

What is included?

1. Promo player and QR code

2. 'Save-It' now! page on Spotify

3. Set your own prices for the iTunes Store

4. Pre-orders for the iTunes Store, Amazon, and Beatport

5. Instant Gratification tracks on Apple Music, Deezer, and Amazon

6. Pre-listening

7. Lyrics

8. Booklet

9. Artist profile customization on Apple Music and Deezer

10. Update your label page on Beatport 

How to get Artist Pro for my release? 

You can purchase Artist Pro for 39 €  directly through these links

What if I only want to purchase one of the services?

This is possible. Just click on the individual services for more information on how to order it. 

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