How to pitch for Spotify Editorial's Playlists?

Getting your songs on curated playlists is one of the best ways of getting your music heard. The more you get "playlisted", the more streams you will get, which increases the chances of boosting your fanbase and revenue. Pitching Spotify's playlist through iMusician is easy, but you'll need to bear in mind a few conditions:

What do you need to do?

  • Your release WILL NOT automatically be shown on your "upcoming releases" on Spotify for Artists. You need to send us a message asking for early delivery, at least 21 days before the digital release date. All early delivery for Spotify's pitching requests have to be made online, through the support team via e-mail at
  • We do not automatically send your track in advance to the platform!
  • If there is any bit of information missing from your release that we still need to check with you, if this is the case, the content cannot be delivered until the information is added or replaced.
  • You must have a Spotify for Artists Profile and get access to your Spotify Analytics account. If it's your first release, please send us your request with an additional 5 days in advance so that we can ask Spotify to create a page.
  •  To pitch to playlists, your track must be new and unreleased (no back catalogue).
  • Note that only one track from a release can be submitted at a time. So, make sure you select your best track in order to have the highest chance of being selected. Once you release is out and you have a new release coming, you will then be allowed to submit another unreleased track.

Some things to keep in mind:

  • It’s totally free to use and external parties can’t influence Spotify's editors -- so don't be fooled and pay anyone.
  • Submitting a song doesn’t guarantee a playlist placement, but it’s better to try than not!
  • You can submit one song per artist profile at a time.
  • You can’t submit compilations.
  • You can’t submit if you’re a featured artist on the song.
  • You are only able to submit on your desktop, the mobile version of Spotify for Artists does not support this feature.
  • There’s no set amount of time a song will stay on the playlist - it depends how well it resonates with listeners. You can’t remove yourself from a playlist.

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